Travel horse riding in Iran by Caroline Baldock

Travel horse riding in Iran

" Had I found paradise? I stood for a while the source behind, me the wide open wilds of desert land way over in the distance. I knew that I did not want to go home, but could I really live without my tooth brush. These people had nothing. No doctors, no cosmetics, only the clothes they made, no entertainment no hope of wealth, only the sky and clouds and the harvest. Only their ceremonies, circumcisions, weddings, horse racing, funerals and only the day to day life to sustain them. Our next two days travels became for me a journey into my and Baran’s mind. I was falling in love with Baran. The fresh air was sweating through my veins, my lips blistered. I knew that this was a marriage of souls."

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född 2005 s: Sirhowy Maasah d: Hopstone Bahar       Movie 7 july 2011 in Norway.   
Häststam have near 950 Caspian horse pedigree´s 
Vicki Hudgins History of Caspian DNA Project   The Caspian Horse Blood Analysis and Typing Project started in 1990 as a funded Research Project conducted by Dr. E. Gus Cothran DVM at the University of Kentucky Equine Blood Typing Research Laboratory in Lexington, Kentucky. The blood typing...
  På fotot: Kesari Spring f: 27mars 2005 - 9 jan 2010. Lite Kuriosa hur det såg ut i Danmark 2009. Hämtat från ett inlägg jag tidigare lagt ut på en dansk sajt.               CASPISKA HÄSTAR I DANMARK För att undanröja eventuella missförstånd...
      2003 Oktober 2003 fanns det 34st Caspiska hästar i Sverige, av de 34 st. var 12 st. Svenskfödda. Vi arbetade i den här tiden med att få klart med DNA härstamningsverifieringen på de importerade hästarna. När de väl var gjort skulle det varit enkelt att fixa de...
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